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Lakeshore Control / Rip-Rap


At Mark Lee Excavating, we transform eroding Central Minnesota shorelines into tough, erosion-resistant platforms that are gorgeous to look at, increase property values, and enhance communities.

Based in the Alexandria, Minnesota Lakes Area we see our fair share of shoreline erosion and understand the vital need for proper lakeshore rip-rap installation. The continuous pounding of waves and water can take the nicest of shorelines and erode it into an ugly, unsafe disaster.

Whether you just purchased your lake home and inherited an unmaintained shoreline, or have been unsuccessfully trying to keep Mother Nature from slowly washing yours away for years, we can help. Working with project developers, city planners or directly with homeowners, our experienced crew can properly rip-rap wherever needed.

Rip-Rap Erosion Control. Saving Your Shoreline One Intentional Placed Stone at a Time.

At Mark Lee Excavating we specialize in shoreline erosion control through the use of rip-rap, which acts like a layer of armor for your lakeshore. Rip-rap is a layer of large rocks or concrete rubble intentionally placed along shorelines to protect against continual water or ice erosion. As an experienced excavating contractor we maintain the necessary equipment, skill, and immediate material access to effectively rip-rap lakeshores, river shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, and pilings.

Residential. Commercial. Municipal. Providing Rip-Rap Services Wherever & Whenever It’s Needed.

When we install rip rap in a residential setting – a home or cabin – it adds beauty and can increase property values all while providing essential protection for your shoreline. When installation is contracted for a municipal or commercial setting – along bridge abutments, culverts, public roads running closely alongside lakes and rivers, or for property drainage areas – rip-rap provides a variety of benefits. It offers foundation stability; provides safety for the general public; acts as a barrier preventing debris and road grim from running into the water; and performs its vital duty of erosion control.

Whether you live along one of the 11 lakes forming the Alexandria Chain, reside on one of Central Minnesota’s other numerous lakes, or are a land developer seeking adequate methods to combat land degeneration, we can assist with all your erosion control needs.


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